RDC Studios

RDC Studios is the long-running personal brand of Robert Dominic Cobb and the collective identity of various creative endeavors in the digital realm. Launched in 2009, the brand has successfully brought numerous projects to life across a range of domains, with a primary focus on design and development.

Since 2019, the mission has expanded to include freelance work for clients, delivering solutions for your digital aspirations. Ranging from websites and web apps to anything digital, RDC Studios is your comprehensive partner in making ideas happen.

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  • Enjoy fast turnarounds, involving you in the process with clear and transparent communication
  • Stand out with custom design that effectively reflects your vision and conveys your message with attention to detail
  • Up your game with best practices, such as mobile-friendly and responsive design


  • Maximize resource efficiency with scalable solutions that reduce maintenance and grow with you and your brand
  • Experience lightning-fast performance with the latest standards and cutting-edge frameworks, ensuring compatibility and SEO
  • Rest assured, knowing you can count on reliable support even after your project has been delivered

There’s More

  • Make one stop for all your digital needs from design to implementation, including branding and photography
  • Profit from an extensive network and collaboration with agencies and freelancers for additional services
  • Choose the scope of your project, from giving your digital presence an upgrade to devising an innovative idea from scratch

Robert Dominic Cobb

M.A. Communication Design

I’m a designer and developer from Düsseldorf, Germany. Although I have seriously ventured into various multidisciplinary activities, including filming and photography, my professional focus lies in the creation of digital systems. My portfolio contains classical websites, multifaceted platforms, and anything in between.

While my work involves all stages of the development life cycle, I am most passionate about systematically solving problems with concepts and ideas. The fusion of design and development gives me a distinct perspective. It allows me to anticipate and address potential challenges at an early stage in the project, taking action proactively. In my work, I consider the holistic user experience, while also ensuring the feasibility, maintainability, and scalability of the solutions.

As an alumnus of the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, I hold a master’s degree in communication design. In addition to my coding experience of more than 15 years, my studies have equipped me with the necessary skills required for my specialization.

Robert Dominic Cobb